Zelimir Lepir responded in writing to the invitation of Justice for David

Invitation for the second Zoom session: Public debate: Open about the Prosecutor’s Office was sent in writing to former Prosecutor Zelimir Lepir. The summons was, among other things, delivered to 38 currently employed prosecutors. The answer was received in writing from Zelimir Lepir. We emphasize that a large number of grammatical and spelling errors were noticed in the answer. The answer is transmitted in full:

“Dear Vice President Merlina Ivic,

For the sake of correctness, and making, among other things, your goal for the improvement of the law on the Prosecutor’s Office and the law of criminal procedure, I would like to inform you about the following.

I will not participate because it is still open in this case.

In working on this case, the prosecution has suffered a lot of criticism from part of the public for the alleged obstruction and concealment of the perpetrator, which is not true.

If the prosecution had intended to obstruct the case and cover someone up, then we could have issued an order not to conduct an investigation as soon as the report arrived and accepted that it was an accidental death.

Of course, we did not do that because we saw that it was not an accident as alluded to in the report, and we immediately began to conduct a number of investigative actions. When we came to the well-founded suspicion that it was a murder, a formal order was issued to conduct an investigation.

We informed the Chief Republic Prosecutor, the Extended Collegium of Chief Prosecutors of the Republic of Srpska, as well as the High Judicial and Judicial Council about the course of the investigation.

Two prosecutors worked on the case, where I was also involved in the reconstruction of the examination of witnesses.

Further, we conducted some investigative actions with other authorized officials and not those who worked on gathering evidence before submitting the report.

During the investigation, I allowed the lawyers of the injured family to personally get acquainted with all the evidence we collected. We even showed them all the videos in the prosecution and gave them copies of all the evidence. What we did was not allowed by the order of the law of criminal procedure. I thought that this was correct and fair, and also because of some talk, to obstruct the investigation. Now, the amendments to the law on criminal procedure have improved the status of the injured and they can have a complete insight into the investigation and propose to the prosecutor, which is logical because they are interested in establishing the truth and should cooperate. These were well-known lawyers Anto Nobilo, Dusko Tomic, Dobricanin Zora and Ifet Feraget.

They were convinced of how much had been done in this case, that there was no obstruction nor could we cover anyone up.

They later left the representation, leaving only lawyer Ifet Feraget.

The prosecution has undertaken numerous investigative actions of interrogation and reconstruction.

With the expertise at home and abroad, we came to certain suspicions and indications, but not reliable evidence for specific persons who can be linked to this murder, and we have not yet been able to determine the motive for the murder.

I note that the investigation was hampered by some omissions by authorized officials even before the prosecution was involved. We also charged the two with the criminal offense of preventing evidence.

When you look at all this, what we did and how much we did, is it an obstruction and could we cover someone up

As far as I have learned from the press, the complete file is being reviewed by the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and I sincerely would like them to take it over and try to shed light on this case”.

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