What happened from the recent refusal of the Bar Association to admit the former Chief Prosecutor of the District Public Prosecutor’s Office, Zelimir Lepir, to today’s admission to the Bar Association. Have chamber members meanwhile suffered from amnesia and lost cheek and honor. Or they simply succumbed to blackmail and pressure. In any case, they have made a decision that will further tarnish their careers and profession. But let them take care of their own cheek.

Zelimir Lepir, you may be able to force them to make such a shameful decision to be admitted to the Bar Association, but you will never be accepted as a member of the People Association. And your first and last name will never be honorable. You will be remembered as someone to whom the affair of covering up the murder of David Dragicevic is connected. That is something that will be tied to your name forever.

Your biography will look impressive one day when you are prosecuted and convicted as a member of a criminal organization. You will become the first former chief prosecutor and a prison lawyer who, through his reluctance, did everything to cover up the perpetrators of the aggravated murder of David Dragicevic. And who will be held accountable for this heinous crime. You will be punished for your crime Lepir. We will change the law and you will be punished.

The Justice for David does not suffer from amnesia Lepir
There is no forgiveness and forgetfulness

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