Zana Gauk: “We must first have courage in ourselves”

Zana Gauk was a participant in the third international conference of Justice for David, entitled “Anti-corruption campaign and raising public awareness about the work of the Prosecutor’s Office in Republika Srpska”. The conference was held on October 30, 2021 in the conference hall of the Hotel “Jelena” Jovana Dučića 25, Banja Luka, starting at 10:00.

Apart from Zana Gauk, conference participants were, Davor Dragicevic, Dijana Radovic of the Center for Civil Initiatives in Sarajevo, Erik Larson, international prosecutor and anti-corruption expert, Sarajevo Anti-Corruption Office, Dejan Lucka, of the Banja Luka Center for Human Rights, and Ozren Perduv, a justice activist. for David, President of the political party “Movement of Justice”, Ifet Feraget, lawyer, Zana Gauk, journalist, Zurnal info, Srdjan Blagovcanin, Transparency International BiH, and the moderator of the panel discussion was Prof. dr. Danijela Majstorović, University of Banja Luka, then representatives of the citizens’ association Path of Justice”and numerous Justice activists for David.

Emphasizing the importance of the media and especially investigative journalism, the respected journalist Zana Gauk emphasizes that the Zurnal Info also leads this fight, the fight for justice. After publishing their stories and documenting them, they do not get cooperation with the Prosecutor’s Office, but receive persecution, their journalists are summoned for informative talks, they are threatened with snipers, they receive parts of grenades at the editorial office, they are threatened with rape, their children also live in fear. This behavior of the prosecution is in line with the data that Justice for David obtained through its research. We must first have the courage to fight for a better and more just society.

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