You had your chance

As far as I am aware (and I am) Davor Dragicevic gave everyone the opportunity to do something about the murder of his son. Milorad Dodik and Dragan Lukac missed the first opportunity at the meeting in the Palace of the President, clumsily subverting Sinisa Kostresevic as the leader of a new investigation, even if by that time many illogicalities had been seen that clearly indicated certain members of the MUP. To this day, Kostresević has not done anything and he has even been promoted for that. Then, by not adopting the report of the Inquiry Committee, the next opportunity to do something was missed by the National Assembly of the RS. The prosecution, headed by Chief Prosecutor Lepir and acting prosecutor Dalibor Vreco, has been working all along. Vreco is still working to prolong and complicate the investigation, regardless of the fact that some things are so obvious to those who did not follow the case of David Dragicevic’s murder.

The opposition also got a chance, but for reasons known to them, they went over many bad things of this government, and even over all of the above. Today, words of praise can even be heard from their ranks for some of the above, but I guess it is this consistent policy that should bring us better tomorrow. We’ll see about that too! The list of those who work directly or indirectly on cover-ups is long. when the perseverance of one father shakes him in a criminal enterprise.

We remember, “the horse from Crkvena”, “he took the couch to the square and thought he was cool”, “Pzd will try to steal election material”, “fan groups from the federation are coming to the rally”, “40 Britons”, calling out members of the PzD in the media, threats of dismissal, relocation of budget employees to remote jobs, numerous lawsuits, discrimination, numerous arrests, brutal persecution of people from the square…

And after all, when we see that the judicial system in RS has failed, that all levels of government have failed, the question arises whether anyone can turn to the place where the parents of the murdered David are? The murder case was taken over by the Prosecutor’s Office not done. It seems to many that a political struggle for supremacy is in force in that institution as well, but that has remained the only address to which the parents of the murdered David can turn.

And while some are spreading stories that Davor has a pizzeria in Vienna, a pastry shop, that he buys shoes for € 300, that he drives a car for 100,000KM, as of Wednesday they will have the opportunity to ask him themselves, although they should first ask themselves what if they find themselves tomorrow in a situation like Davor !? Will they have the strength to stand up against such a system, since obviously such a system suits them today!

In the end, I will just say, Davor does not cares about the position, the opposition, one, the other, the third… for the entities, for BiH for the whole world… he just wants the system to work and those responsible for David’s murder to be brought to justice because only such a system tomorrow can protect citizens.

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