Will the Memic and Dragicevic families receive justice?

Will the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH, in these cases, conduct impartial and professional investigations outside of any kind of political influence, which is why the truth and justice have been awaited for years in order to finally find out who killed Dženan Memić and David Dragičević.

Are the hopes of the Dragicevic and Memic families realistic and will the indictments finally be filed against those responsible for the deaths of their sons and their accomplices?

Will the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH, in these cases, conduct impartial and professional investigations outside of any kind of political influence, which is why the truth and justice have been awaited for years in order to finally find out who killed Dženan Memić and David Dragičević? Are these two cases, as Branko Todorović believes, mafia-political messages to the citizens that the government can kill and not be responsible for that?


These are questions to which the families of the killed young men and the citizens of BiH rightly expect answers, about which our interlocutors have divided opinions.

We remind you that on April 14th this year, the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH made a decision to take over the case related to the disappearance and death of David Dragičević from Banja Luka from the District Public Prosecutor’s Office in Banja Luka, and has been investigating the death of Dženan Memić for about a year. from the Sarajevo Cantonal Prosecutor’s Office.

In the case of Dragicevic, this was preceded by three years of alleged investigative actions by Banja Luka prosecutors who did not move the investigation from the deadlock. The father of the late David, Davor Dragicevic, always claimed, with strong public support, that the investigation was not moving, and the perpetrators were trying to cover up because both the RS police and judiciary were working under strong political pressure and influence.

Ozren Perduv, a civil activist of the Justice for David movement, who has been insisting for three years in demanding that the perpetrators of David’s murder be identified and tried, wonders whether the BiH Prosecutor’s Office will do everything it has not done so far during the investigation.

“Of course, we are also aware of the facts about the situation in the judiciary, not only in Banja Luka, but in the entire country in general. But we see the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH as the only hope and we have only faith in that judicial institution. And if we lose faith in the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH, which took over the case, then we should not have insisted on that, “said Perduv.

Lawyer Ifet Feraget, the legal representative of the Memic and Dragicevic families, is convinced that the first encouraging steps have been taken in the “Memic” case in the meantime, and that the same will happen in the “Dragicevic” case.

In a statement for our portal, Feraget did not want to enter the political dimension of BiH’s dependence. Justice, ie to comment on the fact that in what way the Chief State Prosecutor Gordana Tadic, on the one hand, and the President of the Court of BiH Ranko Debevec on the other hand were appointed to these positions, ie whose political parties they are, quantitatively speaking.

“I’m talking about two specific cases for which I have evidence. How did someone come to a position – I don’t get into that. It would be better to start from the beginning and ask the question, who are the prosecutors who covered up these two murders? Who set them up? Who appointed prosecutor Sead Krestalica, Dalida Burzic, Zelimir Lepir, Dalibor Vreco, because they tried to cover up the murders. And now these prosecutors from the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH, led by Gordana Tadic, are trying to resolve those two cases, “says Feraget.

If you do not have crime prevention, and we do not have it, he states, “then it is difficult to shift the burden of responsibility on the back of a prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH.”

“Let’s establish a system, and this is the establishment of a system. Let the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH work in peace. Who brought whom, who is under what pressure, I would not comment on that now. We just need to look at what has been done so far in the Memic case, and that is a very active investigation, and since it started, so has the pressure on the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH, “says Feraget.

The lawyer points out that he expects much greater pressure in the “Dragicevic” case.

“Your opinion is that without Milorad Dodik and his pawn Milan Tegeltija, all this would not have happened. Of course not, because it is clear to everyone what the role of Milan Tegeltija was, that is, the time he spent at the head of the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of BiH led to a collapse, the complete destruction of the system. But these two cases are now before us and I expect the Chief Prosecutor to show what can be done. Because if we do not solve this, then it will be completely superfluous to ask whether the pressure is exerted by SNSD, HDZ, SDA. “Then it is nationalist rhetoric that will continue through other segments of society,” Feraget believes.


Contrary to Perduv and Feraget, Branko Todorovic, director of the RS Helsinki Committee for the Protection of Human Rights, is extremely skeptical about the possibility that the Memic and Dragicevic cases will lead to new, positive steps in the work of the judiciary in BiH, ie be resolved without political pressure. .

He states that his skepticism is based on a series of never processed corruption scandals, unsolved murders, “among which Dzenan Memic and David Dragicevic are only the most exposed”.

“I do not believe that anything will be different in these cases because politics has managed to dominate the judiciary. Because the judicial system in BiH is under the full control of political parties, that is, to be quite precise, of certain politicians. They did it very skillfully, so that they could deal with corruption without hindrance and not be held accountable for it. And that was done in front of the eyes of the citizens of BiH, but also of the international community “, emphasizes Todorovic.

He believes that putting the judiciary under political control was done perfidiously, “by eliminating people who were independent, from the HJPC to lower instances.”

“As a result, instead of the never-ending reform of the judiciary, we got a judiciary under the control of criminals, under the control of the political mafia,” Todorovic was categorical.

Our interlocutor points out that where politics has involved its fingers, there is neither rights nor justice. It is obvious, Todorovic points out, that politics got its fingers in the “Memic” and “Dragicevic” cases – because of everything that was done and was not done.

“Just as she involved her fingers in all cases of corruption investigations in which indictments were rejected or never convicted when people from the top of political and governing structures were involved,” Todorovic emphasizes.

The laws apply only to “ordinary citizens”, says Todorovic, and in those situations, both police agencies and prosecutor’s offices and courts work efficiently. But there is no justice for citizens if politicians or people from their environment are involved in those cases.

“The implications of the Dragicevic and Memic cases so far have been huge not only for the functioning of the judiciary, but also for the whole of BiH. A message was sent to the citizens that they have no protection before the law. And what is worrying is that such unsolved murders are a mafia message: We can kill and we will not be responsible for that “, concludes Todorovic.

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