author: Vladan Malešević

In addition to all previous evidence related to the brutal murder of a young student from Banja Luka, David Dragicevic, our public midia is increasingly putting out news whose goal is primarily to forget this cruel crime that happened no less, but in the largest city and administrative center of Republik of Srpska. The scandals, the migrant crisis, political quarrels between the opposition and the opposition, the election campaign and national rhetoric, serve, exclusively to divert the public’s attention from
all important problems in Bosnia and Herzegovina, including the murders of David Dragicevic in Banja Luka and Dzenan Memic in Sarajevo.

This media campaign has been tried and tested thanks to the state media, which filters information and places it in the public for the interests of certain political groups. They are also greatly helped by the part of the citizens who take this information for granted without making their own list of priorities and without taking into account the problems from their own environment.
Analyzing the news, we can clearly see what is the most important part of the manipulation of masses. It’s actually FEAR. When a person is in fear, he processes information in a completely different way and reacts to it. He reacts to the sources of the problem in a completely different way, because in fear, the source of the problem is very easily imposed on him by the media themselves, which are under the control of certain political groups. Any individual who does not want to be manipulated by the media should first ask himself who benefits the most from the placement of this information and whether this information will lead to the solution of some of the everyday problems he encounters. When he is set up like that, he will easily see which kind media are working to divert his attention from these everyday problems.
So in Bosnia and Herzegovina itself we have FEAR of Republic of Srpska secession, FEAR of Republic of Srpska abolition, FEAR of migrants, FEAR of terrorists, FEAR of the supremacy of ther nations, FEAR of losing a job, FEAR of existence …
Simply FEAR is what they use to rule, and just getting free of FEAR is our first step towards freedom and a better life in this area.

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