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Let me remind you about Dodik, whom you are talking about, has been attacking his own people every day for years, either by putting his hands into the “people’s pockets”, by beating the disobedient, and by insulting dissidents…

For example, for five days in December, I was on Krajina Square when the special forces did not choose where to beat anyone with a truncheon or a stick. On that same Square there were children, old people, people who asked WHO KILLED DAVID. It was brutal, you know.

It was also brutal when the same David, brutally killed and thrown into the sewer, a child, was exhumed at the New Cemetery in Banja Luka. Most turned their heads away from the face of his mother Suzana, a woman of about fifty pounds of bone and skin. It is a scene that I cannot get out of my head even today. David, a child, had to leave this city dead, his family was expelled alive and the question is whether he will ever return. Brutal! Inhuman!

I did not see the headlines then saying Dodik attacked his own people. And he attacked it. It was, believe me, brutal. I saw neither caterers nor hairdressers nor merchants… Just a handful of people fighting. Against the system, against hunger, against injustice, against systemic disenfranchisement! Unfortunately, we are not and there is no chance that we will ever live up to the term “common good”. Just a handful. Against tyrants for whom the people do not exist!

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