Request for placing a heart on Krajina Square

The citizens’ association “The Path of Justice”, founded by Justice for David activists, addressed the City Administration with a request to place a heart on Krajina Square on the occasion of marking three years since the murder of David Dragicevic.

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We addressed the City Administration of Banja Luka, the department for communal affairs, with a request to place a heart on Krajina Square.

In the request, we stated that in the period from March the 18th to April the 7th of the current year, we would rent an area of ​​4 square meters and on which we would place a heart, a fist, paintings, flowers and candles. On Krajina Square, we would place identical things that the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Srpska removed on December the 25th 2018. They cleaned everything that reminded them of the murdered David Dragicevic and the protests of parents and the group Justice for David.

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The attachment that we submitted with the request are two colored pictures that clearly show what it looked like in 2018, as well as the program content that would be in the above period. As a reason for the appointment, we mentioned the commemoration of three years since the disappearance and murder of David Dragicevic.

David Dragicevic, a 21-year-old young man from Banja Luka, disappeared on March the 18th  2018. His body was found six days later. The perpetrators of this crime, as well as the accomplices, are still walking free.

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