Notice on attacks on the page Justice for Dzenan Memic!

In the past, we site administrators have had attempts to access our personal profiles by unknown persons. So far they have not succeeded in that.

Today, in the middle of recording a live broadcast in front of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Arijana Memic “lost” the status of administrator on the site.

Access to the site is difficult for administrators, but also for others!

In five years, nothing like this has ever happened to us.

For us, this is just a sign that we are on the right path! And no matter what, they won’t be able to silence us. We will always find a way for the public to get information about this case, which will be a precedent in the history of the BiH judiciary!

You can’t take the truth from us and you can’t hide it anymore!

You can’t silence us!

Let’s go to the end, justice for Dzenan Memic!

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