Lawyer Ifet Feraget: Kurspahic is also helping the killers

Source: Dnevni avaz

Chief Disciplinary Prosecutor Alena Kurspahic-Nadarevic came to my office, cried and asked if criminal charges would be filed against her as well.

Yesterday, some politically and intelligence-led portals again started a hunt against the Chief Prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Gordana Tadic, stating that the Chief Disciplinary Prosecutor, Alena Kurspahic-Nadarevic, intends to initiate proceedings against Prosecutor Tadic. The lawyer of the Memic family, Ifet Feraget, reacted to this information.

We remind you that Chief Prosecutor Gordana Tadic is most deserving of the fact that the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina took over the case of the murder of Dzenan Memic and for directing the investigation towards the persons who participated in covering up the murder. This system aims to prevent the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina from shedding light on the cover-up of unsolved murders of children. I am not talking now only about my cases, those are the “Memic” and “Dragicevic” cases, but also about other unsolved murders, such as Jozo Leutar.

The people behind such killings are very often behind the cover-up of such killings. So, the system does not allow the one whose task it is to do it in the right way.

We have a situation where there are several factors due to which in some way it is logical what is happening, so there is a lot of pressure on Chief Prosecutor Gordana Tadic, and the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a body obliged to fight crime.

In this case, the best ally to the Prosecutor’s Office should be the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina. However, we currently, unfortunately, have the Prosecution and the Court as two enemies. The reason for that is politics. A certain party has given itself the right to control the work of the Court and, when someone starts a serious fight against crime, such as the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the “Memic” case, and, I hope, very soon in the “Dragicevic” case, then in a way and a logical reaction to what is happening.

Today (yesterday, op. Cit.) I followed the comments published in the media regarding the Chief Disciplinary Prosecutor and now I am telling you something I have never said publicly before. Mrs. Chief Disciplinary Prosecutor Alena Kurspahic-Nadarevic, when I, on October 4th, 2018, filed criminal charges for covering up the murder of Dzenan Memić, came to my office with her husband and small child, cried and asked if there would be any against her. filed a criminal complaint.

I was looking at that child and I just said, “Mrs. Alena, I am also a father, and if you had not come with the child, it would not have occurred to me to file a criminal complaint. Let time pass if you claim that you did not make any omissions concerning the Memic case.

However, I now think about it differently, because it is obvious after five years that no prosecutor, including Dalida Burzic, has been disciplined for omissions in the “Memic” case.

So now I look at it a little differently. In the coming days, I will work on analyzing all these circumstances and see if, in principle, what foreigners have already said is whether the Disciplinary Prosecutor’s Office is really completely unbelievable, inefficient and whether that office has actually been turned into something we can call an illusion.

Prosecutors who make mistakes, who get into trouble, will not be prosecuted. None of the prosecutors was disciplined, and they made a number of omissions in the “Memic” case and also in the “Dragicevic” case.

Autistic system

The head of the Office of the Disciplinary Prosecutor was obliged, ex officio and on the basis of media reports, to initiate disciplinary proceedings. Therefore, I will analyze everything again to see how someone from the system protects those who covered up the murders of children.

It is an autistic system that does not fulfill its basic principle, therefore, it does not prosecute prosecutors, but acquits them. The question of the meaning of their existence is raised.

And I say all this because the attacks on Prosecutor Tadic are active right now when the “Memic” case is in a very serious phase and when the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina announced and took over the “Dragicevic” case – said lawyer Feraget.

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