Ifet Feraget and Muriz Memic file charges against Chief Disciplinary Prosecutor Alena Kurspahic Nadarevic

Source: Dnevni Avaz

Ifet Feraget, the lawyer of the Memic family, confirmed for “Avaz” that he had completed the criminal charges against the main disciplinary prosecutor Alena Kurspahic Nadarevic.

Muriz Memic and I will submit that criminal report to the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosna and Herzegovina tomorrow at 10 am. In the meantime, I received more material that deeply incriminates Kurspahic-Nadarevic. So these are serious crimes. Her deputy Mirza Hadziomerovic was also included in the criminal report. They are participants in covering up the decisive facts of covering up the criminogenic actions of the prosecutors in the Memic and Dzaferović cases – lawyer Feraget told us.

Feraget announced that today, as an authorized representative of Nesad Dzaferovic’s family from Sarajevo, he will immediately send a letter to the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosna and Herzegovina requesting the involvement of this Prosecutor’s Office in the case of covering up the murder of Nesad’s father Salka Dzaferovic. whose father, Zaim Kurspahic, drove the car in which he was killed.

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