Free media under the strongest hacker attacks

At the time of the arrest in Sarajevo in the “Memić” case, there were the strongest attacks on free media. At the same time, there are various types of attacks on journalists who have been writing for independent media for years.

For how much money do certain portals work that need to improve the rating of the regime on social networks. Hundreds of thousands of marks have been spent for this purpose, and recently the increased activity of such portals has been noticeable.

After receiving money, regime portals employ scoundrels, non-workers and moral freaks who create 4 to 5 Facebook accounts and spend hours and hours every day on social networks, disrupting everything that threatens the survival of the mafia system in the most monstrous way.

There is also a noticeable increase in professional hacker attacks on portals that openly write about dishonest actions and crime. All this costs and someone pays with our money. The question is for the prosecution. When do you plan to deal with this type of crime? And why never? Do you really think that no one will deal with your reluctance and the way you protect every kind of crime? 

For what reasons do the governing structures run a strong campaign against free media and free media expression? How are such strong hacker attacks on free portals financed? Who cares about information published by free media?

The Cybercrime Act and the European Convention imply 4 groups of crimes. One of these crimes involves publishing incorrect content. In this sense, cybercrime can be divided into economic and political

It follows from all the above that the law and the European conventions clearly defined the concept of political cybercrime and its financing. This type of cybercrime is placed in the same rank of content-related crime (child pornography, breach of integrity, distribution of illicit and false content, and cyber privacy violations). Is it possible to draw a conclusion about the existence of elements of a criminal offense in the specific example of publishing a series of incorrect information against Justice for David ?!

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