After 7 months, the City of Banja Luka paid compensation to Pravda for David, according to the verdict of the District Court

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Seven months after the verdict, according to the lawsuit for illegal removal of hearts and flowers from the place where the body of the murdered David Dragicevic was found, the City Administration of Banja Luka paid the adjudicated amount to the injured party in the amount of 950 KM. The Banja Luka District Court ruled in this case in favor of Ozren Perduv, an activist for the Justice for David group, and the city had 30 days to make the payment. However, the deadline was not met.

“And this is proof of how much the old City Administration and Igor Radojicic respected court verdicts. The payment deadline was 30 days! However, there were no payments until the end of their term. Unfortunately, that debt became the obligation of the new City Administration, which we stated at the meeting with the new mayor a month ago.

“And I hope that there will never be court verdicts again which will determine the illegal, appealing and unfounded behavior of communal police officers, but also the mayor, and everything that was stated in this verdict,” he added.
Merlina Ivic, a member of the informal group Justice for David, believes that such a case should not have happened, only that there was more empathy of the then city government.

“Today, you had the opportunity to see that almost eight months after the court ruling, the awarded amount was paid to the Justice for David group. I think that this should not have happened if we had the previous mayor and a little morale, to say the least, and therefore I hope that the newly elected will work unlike the previous one for the benefit of citizens, and that he will not mind the flowers planted by citizens as a sign of unsolved murder. David Dragicevic, “Ivic pointed out.

We remind you that on March 24th 2018. the lifeless body of David Dragičević was found at the confluence of the Crkvena and Vrbas, and the investigation has been going on for almost three years.

And here, today, that obligation has been fulfilled “, said Perduv.

He also pointed out that he believes that the new City Administration will not continue with the practice of its predecessors on the issue of disrespect and non-compliance with court rulings.

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