Accompanied by Ifet Feraget, Muriz Memi filed a criminal complaint against Kurspahic-Nadarevic

Source: Patria

Muriz Memic, the father of the murdered young man Dzenan Memic, accompanied by his lawyer Ifet Feraget, filed a criminal complaint against the main disciplinary prosecutor Alena Kurspahic-Nadarevic and her deputy Mirza H. Omerovic.

He said last night that on October 4th, 2018. Kurspahic came to Ifet Feraget’s office with the child and asked if she would be in the criminal report and that she was crying. She left the number that Memic called, and then he went to her house where her husband also was. Kurspahic-Nadarevic was not in the criminal report filed on October 5th, 2018, according to which an investigation for organized crime in the case of Dzenan Memic was opened.

Memic said that Kurspahic-Nadarevic had initiated proceedings against former chief prosecutor Dalida Burzic, with whom she was good friends, and that Burzic had been released each time.

He added that the UDT was attacking Chief State Prosecutor Gordana Tadic.

“It is logical that many have recognized each other and want the investigation to stop. We know from whom the attacks are coming, but this is unstoppable, “Memic said.

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