When the Justice for David group stood on David’s Square on March 26, 2018, the regime expected a protest that would last for ten days. Until the burial of David’s remains, they tried to deceive their parents through false empathy. They provided false support, false understanding, and conducted a false investigation.

The prosecutorial police investigation was based on a fake press conference as well. Attitudes from such a ridiculous conference in the following period served as the basis for all actions taken in order to cover up the abduction and murder of David Dragicevic.

In the days that followed, David’s parents and family friends came across new evidence and information on a daily basis that clearly confirmed the suspicion of the perpetrators and the manner in which the murder was committed. As well as the events that preceded the murder.

As the group strengthens, the corrupt regime becomes increasingly nervous and begins its showdown with Davor and the Justice for David group. As it became clear that Davor has evidence that compromises some individuals from the top of the RS Ministry of the Interior, but also from the political top, repression and pressure are becoming more and more obvious. It all culminates in a pre-arranged police action on December 25, 2018.

The brutal police action reached its peak on December 30, 2018. That day in police circles is planned as the day of the final destruction of the Justice for David. According to the information we have about David’s father, Davor Dragicevic, a much darker fate is planned in the end if an arrest is not possible.

However, Davor and the group Justice for David did not fall for the scenario that was served to them by certain politicians. Such a scenario was supposed to be a cover for a police action in which Davor and perhaps some other activists of the group Justice for David would very likely be killed. All under the guise of protection from the alleged attempt to overthrow the constitutional order.

Due to these events, Davor Dragicevic was soon forced to leave the country and continue his struggle from abroad. Activists of the group continue the fight in Banja Luka. But this time by putting constant pressure on domestic and foreign institutions. Daily activities aimed primarily at contacts with the OHR office in BiH, but also with a large number of embassies. We put pressure on domestic institutions, as well as on holders of judicial functions.

All these activities, with the support of a small number of free media, led to the first concrete steps towards a solution to the murder of David Dragicevic, in the form of taking over the case from the hands of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Banja Luka.

It has also been confirmed to us from several sources that the fight that was going on prevented the killers from repeating a similar murder. In this way, we managed to save the lives of citizens because it became clear that people can no longer kill themselves with impunity.

If we look at the number of unsolved murder cases before the murder of David Dragicevic, we will see that unpunished murders have become a practice. We have discontinued such a dark and shameful practice and pointed out a number of similarities in the very investigation of all unsolved murders. Which indicates a systemic problem and organized crime deeply rooted in the political-judicial system.

Changes are yet to come. If we want a normal society, they must be rooted and without concessions. The Justice group for David will not sell its soul to the devil to reach the goal. We will not make a deal with the devil, and we will not negotiate. We will beat him!


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