The psychological war under the auspices of the institutions that is being waged against the Justice for David group, and especially against the activists of this group, will enter its final phase in the coming period. The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina has taken over the case of the murder of David Dragicevic, activating existing plans. The plans are designed in such a way that through the media, ie the Public Service of RTRS, ATV television and their related portals, the arrests of certain officials are characterized as an attack on the institutions of the Republic of Srpska and not like the arrest of hardened criminals who usurped institutions.

The already worn-out story of mercenaries, foreign agents and services will be reactivated. The most brutal attacks will be directed on some activists of the group Justice for David – The Path of Justice, as well as their families. We know what you are preparing and we are ready to react because we are no longer the Justice for David from 2018, when you put targets on our foreheads with impunity and not thinking about endangering the lives of innocent people with your lies. We have grown up for these three years of struggle. This time we are ready for all your attacks and everyone who participates in that chase in any way will be held accountable. Be convinced of that. There will be no forgiveness. We are also aware that you have intensified the monitoring of activists. You do it in a way that should intimidate people so much that they feel life-threatening.

We are very aware of your vehicle, the Audi A6 with tinted windows, which is constantly parked near Petar Kocic Park. We are aware that you are following the movements of the Justice for David activists not only with that vehicle. We are aware of the gray Ford Focus as well as other vehicles involved in this miserable attempt to intimidate us. You do it in a way that is in the style of mafia assassins. The Gestapo would envy you.

However, we are ready for you too. Immediately after checking the license plates and other information, we will publish the data and seek protection from all factors responsible for respecting and implementing peace and human rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina. And we’ll get it. You will not be forgiven either.

We will defend ourselves against you. We will defend our safety, rest assured. Because we are the future and you are the past. Whatever you make or do you will not change your destiny or delay the collapse of your criminal organization.


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