The Justice for David was formed at a time when it became crystal clear that institutions that have a constitutional obligation to enforce the rule of law are covering up the murder of David Dragicevic. The main goal of the long-term struggle led by the Justice for David group is to find, deprive of liberty and prosecute those responsible for the abduction, murder and cover-up of the murder of David Dragicevic.

Activities carried out through UG Path of Justice-Justice for David and the humanitarian organization “Justice for David and All Children of Bosnia and Herzegovina”, Vienna, Austria, founded by the parents of the murdered David Dragicevic are primarily focused on daily contacts with clear requests. judicial bodies at the entity and state level, but also all relevant factors in the country and abroad.

Even today, four years later, our struggle is still going on. But now at a much higher level than it was in the beginning. We have grown up, learned and become someone respected by international institutions and officials. We really have no doubt that justice will be served in the end. What the experts in the field of security and law agree on is the fact that the work of the activists of the Justice for David group so far has made our city and the state a safer place to live. The reason for that is that criminal organizations, as well as the judiciary, realized that the time of silence and unpunished murders has passed irrevocably.

David will receive justice, and the murderers will deserve punishment, which is in itself a guarantee and a precondition for the return of society to a life worthy of a man in the heart of Europe.


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