Vladan Malešević: no one will fight for our better tomorrow if we do not

Dear Vladan!
Considering that you, as an activist, have been involved in the fight for truth and justice from the very beginning, related to the murder of your fellow citizen David Dragicevic, we want you to convey to the public your personal views of this fight.

1. After the disappearance of David Dragicevic, and the discovery of his lifeless body and that shameful press conference of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Srpska. What prompted you as a fellow citizen to join the family and friends of David Dragicevic in the fight?

The press conference itself, was the biggest incentive for me and it was more than obvious that something was wrong. Even then, several things caught my attention. The very gesticulation of those present, the nervousness of the individuals, the entanglement of words and the frequent mention of the phrase “was indisputably established” as if they wanted to convince us of all this story. It was obvious that some were not there of their own free will and that they wanted it to end as soon as possible. It was noticed that are under pressure, although at that time there was absolutely no public pressure and that could not be the reason. The same day when the first gathering and lighting of candles for David’s press conference was held, it was held only a few hours earlier, probably with the intention of mitigating the response of the citizens as much as possible, but it had a counter-effect. Then I wondered how it was possible that the search for David is taking so long, and then within 24 hours the case was resolved down to the very details, and it was UNDISPUTED by accident. The very thought then that it is possible the cover-up further motivated me to go out onto the square and give support to David’s family and friends in their search for the truth.

2. You are one of the activists who was called out on RTRS at the very beginning of the fight for Justice for David, can you tell us what actually happened?

I am very proud of the fact that at that time I was called out along with my friend and very prominent activist Daniela Ratešić, even if it was in a negative context. Then they called us to provoke riots and the like again as participants in earlier protests in the city. You already know the worn-out story of foreign mercenaries and domestic traitors. For me at the time, it was a confirmation of who was actually behind the cover-up of a murder, and at the same time it is unfortunate that a public media service puts itself on the side of those who cover up a murder in such a way. I would like RTRS to call anyone from the square at that time and ask for a statement instead of putting targets on people’s heads. Their silence revealed absolutely everything back then. Personally, it didn’t affect me at all so on my FB profile the same day I posted part of the famous White Button song “I am a guy with a bad reputation in this city…” Instead of individuals being responsible for setting targets on the forehead they were greatly rewarded with better functions.

3. How much do you think activism helps the Dragicevic family in their fight for the truth about the murder of their son?

Activism is everything in this fight, thanks to it all this fight lasts this long and the revolt of the people has not ended. We didn’t know many things but we learned them on the go like our rights and laws. There are people who made banners, who wrote the lyrics and those who came up with the performances. It’s all part of the activism that helped a lot in this fight. The fight has been going on for a long time and it is not over yet, and I see activism as the striker of this fight.

4. Do you think that it is time for the case of David Dragicevic to finally get its epilogue, and that everyone who participated in covering up the murder must be held accountable?

The time was a long time ago, but from the very beginning the problem is the mixing of politics, that is. lack of political will to address this. Thus, we come to the conclusion that someone very powerful is behind the cover-up.

5. You are one of the activists who is active on social networks, especially warning of all the irregularities that this system implements in the Dragicevic case. Do you have any problems because of that?

I have to admit that I don’t have any serious problems, there are occasional messages here and there, but I don’t pay attention to that. They all tried to stop us and distract us from this fight, but they did not succeed. Publicly calling out individuals and expressing my opinion on social networks is one of the reasons why I reached the prime time of the news program of the public broadcasting service.

  1. How do you plan to continue the fight?

Regardless of the function you listed, the activity would certainly continue through activism until those responsible for this crime are brought to justice. From the position of the secretary of the association, I believe that connecting with other associations and education is what will be our advantage in the fight in the field of human rights, and thus in the fight we have been leading for almost three years. There are no special methods for further struggle and everything is more than clear… write letters,
demand, annoy institutions, inform the public and thus put pressure on those who do injustice. Resolving the murder of David Dragicevic is more and more certain, but even after that, the goal of the association will be to educate young people who would know tomorrow what and how to do in case of violated their rights.

7. In your opinion, how much will resolving the case of David Dragičević affect the return of citizens’ trust in institutions?

The damage to institutions, especially the Ministry of the Interior, is immeasurable and the return of some trust is a long process because there will always be that grain of doubt. How long that period will be depends exclusively on the institutions themselves and the way they continue to work. We will be there to react to any anomalies that arise.

8. Is there anything you think Davor and Suzana did not use in solving the case of the murder of their 21-year-old son?

As for the parents themselves, they have exhausted all possible forms of struggle. When we start from the protest, he calls for civil obedience, writing letters and demands.

9. At the end of this interview, what would you, as an activist, say to the citizens?

The message is very clear… no one will fight for our better tomorrow if we don’t. Open your eyes and take a good look at what kind of system we live in and do you want to change that situation !? I think you will agree, if nothing else, that we owe this fight for a better and fairer system to future generations to come. Let us not allow sacrifices like David to be in vain.

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