You can’t take a brother away from a sister. You can’t do that. As powerful as you are. As powerful as the people who protect you are, you can’t kill a sister’s brother. Do you know how much a sister loves? Do you know? Do you have a brother? Do you have a sister? Did you think what it would be like if someone kidnapped you, hid you for days, tortured you. How would you feel?

Have you ever thought of that killer, inhuman!

Do you know that the sister thought that her older brother would be her support forever. That he would be her protector. You know, that the two of them, just like you and your sister, had their jokes and their secrets. You know the killer, that they laughed and cried together.

Why did you kill her brother, man !? Do you know that you will pay as hard for your sister’s tears as the blood of David on your hands, you freak. You will pay for it, be sure! Even if you die tomorrow, disappear, you will pay again! Thousands of tears and thousands of curses from thousands of people will haunt you forever. Killer!

And what did you prove with this murder? Nothing but being an arrogant lunatic who thinks the world is his. You haven’t proven masculinity because any lunatic can kill and only a man can say, yes, I did. And respond. Do you think of your family, killer !? How will it be for them tomorrow when it’s all over. How will they go to the street, how will they look people in the eye? You don’t think, of course, because you’re disturbed and important only to yourself.

You killed a brother. You killed Mother’s and a Father’s son.

Did you mean to go unpunished, killer !?

There is no forgiveness and forgetfulness!


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