While standing there

As you stand where I once stood, be aware that tomorrow you can be in my place again, where I am now. You didn’t understand the words I was writing then, but you started to understand them when I was gone. “Babylon will fall,” because it destroys itself from within, but “12 strands of DNA” will outlive Babylon. For the truth about me may be slow and late, but it will arrive on the wings of a wind that will blow with hurricane force.

The six days of my torment that I lived from this day until the morning next to Crkvena, where my life was finally extinguished, let it be six days of fasting for those who believe in justice, and six days of torment for those who fear or laugh at that justice. So as you stand where I once stood, believe in Man, not in Babylon, for man will outlive every kingdom by his courage and perseverance. This was proved by my friends who stayed behind me, my fellow citizens who still mention me today and my family who will never regret me.

May this heart not be a symbol only for me and my sufferings, may it be a symbol of all children who must not experience what I had experienced, may it be a symbol of every family, which should not experience what my family have experienced.

Daniela Daca Ratesic-Dosen

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