Three long and difficult years

Three long and difficult years. For the Dragičević’s family, the most difficult year since all hope that their David will be in their arms again is dead.

On this day three years ago, after 6 days of unimaginable agony, David’s body was laid at the confluence of the Crkvena and Vrbas in the early morning hours.

Three years have passed from that day until today. No one was responsible for that youth that was extinguished on that very day.

David’s body was contorted, stiff, and his fists clenched. The pictures that Justice for David activists posted today clearly show injuries on his face, his fists. In these pictures it can be seen that David was wearing boxer shorts that would later disappear.

The 24th of March 2018 is the day the father last kissed his son.

Justice for David activists marked today as the third anniversary. Lighted candles, flowers and pictures, flying flags with the image of David, addressed the media in order to mark 3 years of his death. 

At this place, two quinces were planted again, called TRUTH AND JUSTICE, and those quinces were also planted on April the 7th 2019 on the anniversary of David’s first funeral.

A symbolic text was also read, warning of all that was and could be.

Davor Dragicevic addressed the activists with emotional words, and at the end of his speech he also thanked the members of the Justice for David group for their immense support in the past three years.

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