My name is David Dragicevic

My name is David Dragicevic. Those who knew me, knew my dreams. I loved my parents, brother, sister. I loved my friends. And I loved music. Yes I loved music and I loved sports.

I was well-mannered, but I never bowed my head in front of thugs. I studied, I had dreams about the future. I did not agree to be blackmailed, to be obedient, to be a slave. And then they kidnapped me. I was harassed for days while my parents and friends searched for me. In the end, they killed me.

But I am also dead more alive than them. I am also dead bigger than them, stronger than them and they are afraid of me. And they are afraid of my name. And they are scared of my character. I am this city and I will win. My death is not in vain because it has triggered changes that will make my city and my country a free and safe place to live. For some new kids growing up. For some new kids yet to be born this city will never be a ghetto again.

I will live forever as a warning, as love, as punishment. 

I will show how they fall from the top of the pyramid and how we should fight for freedom. I will prove that they are not this city. I will prove that they are small and you are big!


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