The Path of Justice

David Dragicevic disappeared on March 18, 2018. The same day, parents and friends begin the search for the missing young man. In the following days, the search is intensified and every possible trace is followed. There are also attempts to obtain surveillance camera footage that could help in the search for the missing young man. Some footage parents manage to get. But some footage is excluded by the Ministry of Interior or people close to the Ministry of Interior who will later turn out to be involved in organized cover-up and cover-up of the murder crime.

Key footage that the Ministry of the Interior seized or disappeared under the pretext that they “mistakenly” took recordings of the wrong date. Or they were manipulated in a way that was supposed to confirm their version of the accident story. They slowly put together the pieces and statements that were supposed to convince the public and parents that David was under the influence of narcotics, and that he had a fight, ate a burek, robbed a house and then jumped into the Crkvena river and drowned. Subsequent independent expertise proved without any doubt that these allegations were false.

It should not be mentioned that no procedure was initiated against the leading people of the Ministry of the Interior, who told lies at a shameful press conference and thus became the main hoop in the case of murder and covering up the murder.

In the night between 23.03. and 24.03. the body of David Dragicevic was laid in the river Crkvena at the very mouth of the river Vrbas. This location was chosen because it was supposed to prove their theory of accidental drowning in the Crkvena.

Dear citizens of Banja Luka. Dear members of the Justice for David group around the world. And you on the opposite side who have children, imagine the feelings of a father and mother who received a call that day that freezes the blood in their veins. Put yourself in the position of parents for a moment who found out that the lifeless body of their child has been found. Can you imagine that? The very thought of it should scare you.

Let everyone ask themselves what has he done. Have you done enough to make David’s death a guarantee that no family will ever experience this fate again? Have you?

03/24/2021 at 5 pm, three years since this tragic event will be marked at the place where David’s body was found. From this place, a message will be sent again to the murderers, the judicial authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also to the international community that time is running out and that the crime must be punished.


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