Davor Dragičević: It is about the brutal murders of our children

Davor Dragičević announced in Dnevnik TV Sarajevo: “These are brutal murders of our children.”

“First of all, I would just like to remind you of the words of our lawyer Ifet Feraget that the evidence speaks its own language. All the evidence that I, Mr. Muriz and our lawyer Ifet Feraget have, unequivocally proves that these are the brutal murders of our children, David and Dženan. It took five years for that day to come in Sarajevo, and I have been waiting for three years. So we have absolutely all the evidence that our children were killed, that there was no car accident in Sarajevo and that Dženan was killed, also in Banja Luka, that David did not rob the house and fell into the Crkvena River, committing suicide. But David was killed in the most brutal way. On this occasion, I repeat and stand behind my words from the first day that in the organized murder of my son David Dragičević stands the top of Republic of Srpska, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Republic of Srpska, headed by Dragan Lukač, Siniša Kostrešević and former director Darko Ćulum, and from the Prosecution, Želimir Lepir, Dalibor Vrećo and Miodrag Bajić (Prosecutor of the Special Prosecutor’s Office). So I have all the evidence and based on our evidence I hope that there will be a turnaround in both cases, of course in my case and that justice will finally win in Bosnia and Herzegovina. If justice does not win, we are doomed. This will be the end of judicial institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the state itself. We do not need judicial reform, solve these two cases and everything will get better.

I do not recognize the Prosecutor’s Office in Banja Luka. They cannot conduct an investigation because, in addition to all the numerous pieces of evidence that we have and that we have presented to them, they are conducting their own investigation. In fact, they are conducting an investigation to protect the killers of David Dragičević. We expect the State Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina, headed by Gordana Tadić, to take over the case as soon as possible. As Ifet said, an investigation into an investigation can only lead to concrete results. This is organized crime and a much more serious crime.

I did not leave, I was banished. They tried to kill me to finish me like my son David Dragičević, so that l would not continue this fight with the people from the group Justice for David and with all the people who support me. I escaped that. I am currently in Austria, in Vienna, I have continued my struggle and until truth and justice come for my child I will not give up. I repeat, I have all the evidence that the very top of Republika Srpska is behind the murder of my child. I hope it will be revealed to you soon and then nothing will be the same again.

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