Davor Dragicevic for Nova.rs about 3 years since David’s disappearance

Source: Nova.rs

“It’s exactly three years since I last kissed him and he left his house. He never returned. Knowing myself I will never be calm. I’m absolutely not important here. Justice for David is important, so that everyone is sentenced to maximum prison sentences. I will never get my justice, I am very aware of that”, says Davor Dragicevic for the Nova.rs portal. The one who does not want to be known by his name and surname, but as the father of David Dragicevic.

David is a young man who disappeared in Banja Luka on this day three years ago. On March 18th, 2018, the agony called the search for a child began, and March 24th marks the beginning, as Davor says, of hell called “Life without David”.

“I was present when my child was born, I raised him. We lived together, that’s my child. They took away from me something that is the absolute meaning of my life. Everything that was the reason for me to live in one day was taken away from me in the most monstrous way. And I didn’t deserve it at all, absolutely nothing. At his first funeral, I swore that everyone who participated would be brought to justice. The promise I made to my child at his grave is sacred. I also said in court that the last one would be mine. If there is no justice for David legally, there will be another way. There is no forgiveness and forgetfulness. May God forgive them, and for me my child is my God. It will be like that while I’m alive. “

David was found at the confluence of the Crkvena and Vrbas rivers near the Kastel fortress. Police reports claimed, and remain so, that the death was caused by drowning, without elements of a crime. The autopsy was performed abruptly and without much thought, and his death was declared drowning. Davor says that he knows the motives for the brutal murder of his son, but he will not talk about them in public until he is called to tell his truth in court.

“My son carried banners and sought justice for his friend Jovan Arbutin. That is only a small part of the motive that may be in question. Anyone who wakes up against the regime in Republika Srpska is marked as an enemy and targeted. Like me, my family and all the people who supported us “, Davor points out.

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