Darmin Đulić: I found my dead on the voter list

Prior to the local elections, we were aware of the numerous irregularities that accompanied not only the parties’ election campaigns, but also the voter lists. Large irregularities were noticed in the reactions of the citizens, especially when it comes to votes from abroad. This was just one of the indicators that as citizens we must be involved in the whole election process, because only in that way can we influence the regularity of elections to a good extent.

The case that happened in Banja Luka, at the polling station at the Branislav Nušić Elementary School in Šeher / Srpske toplice, is certainly not an isolated case, but it is something that needs to be talked about and written about, so that everyone can prevent such malversations in the future. have certainly been used in recent years to gain votes and prevail on the ballot.

We talked about everything that happened at this polling station on Sunday with Darmin Đulić from Banja Luka, who noticed this irregularity on the voter list.

Do you go to every election in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

This year was the second time I went to the Election. I never had confidence that something could change in our country through elections. Since 2018, I have been involved in civil activism, supporting the Dragičević family from Banja Luka in their fight for truth and justice for the murdered child. It was then that I realized that there are still honest people in my city who want change just like me. That year, I went to the Elections for the first time with the hope of change, which unfortunately did not happen then.

Have you had any inconveniences in the elections so far?

So far I have not had, but now on Sunday several things have happened that are discriminatory, but also illegal. At first, they did not allow me to enter the polling station with a badge I was wearing on my jacket, which had the image of the murdered David Dragičević on it. This is not a party feature, so that I would break the rules. It is a symbol of support for parents, and when they are already forbidding us to make an adequate memorial for this guy on the bank of the Crkvena river, where his body was found, then I can and have every right to wear a memorial reminiscent of an unsolved crime in our city. I will always wear that insignia proudly, as I have so far, and no one can forbid me to do that. After that, another shock occurred. I saw the names of my late mother and grandmother on the voter list. I couldn’t believe my eyes in what I was seeing, because it’s been many years since I’ve been left without my loved ones.

Your mother passed away 16 years ago and your grandmother 10 years ago. Have you ever noticed their names on the voter lists so far?

In the previous elections in which I voted, their names were not there. That is why this was an even bigger shock for me.

How did you notice this illogicality now?

When I set out to sign the voter list, I saw under my name, the names of my late mother and grandmother. I thought it might be some other person, but from the address given, I realized it was just the two of them.

What was your reaction, and what was the reaction of the polling board?

I was shocked and very shaken at that moment. I realized that someone wanted to use my dead for dishonorable purposes. It hurt me a lot as a man. Injustice is what we have been fighting every day for almost 1000 days, but this is pure crime and injustice that I have felt on my own skin. My mother and grandmother, of course, as well as all those who passed away, were checked out a long time ago when we took out the deceased for them in the Municipality. I don’t understand how many times it takes us to check out our dead, for someone to understand that I can no longer go to the Elections. Given that their names were not present at the pre-election elections, no one can convince me that in my case it is not exclusively an election fraud in which they wanted to take advantage of my loved ones who have not been with us for a long time.

What exactly is the Elections station?

My Elections station, where I went to the Elections this time and last time, is Šeher/Srpske toplice, in the elementary school “Branislav Nušić”.

Based on what you have personally seen and felt on your skin, do you believe in the regularity of the election process and respect for the will of the citizens?

Honestly, after what I personally experienced, I can’t believe it. Because I believe that members of my family who passed away are not the only names of the dead who were on the voter lists throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. I also believe that many who voted did not even notice it, or if they did not go to the Elections themselves, they could not even notice such a crime. That is why it is important that we all go to the polls and prevent at least these types of election fraud.

After all, do you plan to personally report to the Central Election Commission or to one of the organizations that monitor the election process?

I did that right away on Monday, if it has any effect at all. Because in a country where institutions do not function properly, every report of irregularities begins to lose its meaning. But it is our civil duty to do that, and if we all reacted that way, maybe the reports would make more sense. Citizens’ reactions before the election during the inspection of their polling stations prevented large-scale fraud with outside voting. That is why we must be involved, go to the polls and react to irregularities, because by doing so we reduce the possibility of vote theft and have a significant impact on the regularity of elections. So far, most of us have either ignored the elections or just went to the Elections and voted, without any personal participation, and then we always complained after the elections that the elections were stolen and that the will of the citizens was not respected. Political parties steal in the elections and that is indisputable, but it is also a great guilt on us who allowed all that as silent observers.

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