30.12.2018-30.12.2020. Two years since the arrest, beating and expulsion of citizens from the streets of Banja Luka

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On the penultimate day of 2018, there were new unpleasant scenes on the streets of Banja Luka. Then, after the end of the protest walk led by the father of the murdered David Dragicevic, Davor, the police of the Republika Srpska started arresting the citizens of Banja Luka in cafes in the city center, on the streets and in their houses. Media around the world portrayed the brutality of members of the Republika Srpska Interior Ministry. Everything happened five days after the conflict on Krajina Square, when objects reminiscent of David Dragicevic were removed from the square, and after the arrest of Davor Dragicevic and Suzana Radanovic, the parents of the murdered David. On December 30, 2018, members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republika Srpska failed to detain Davor Dragičević, who, under as yet unexplained circumstances, managed to leave Banja Luka and Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are transmitting a text we published two years ago.

Protests ended: the epilogue was interrupted by a concert and arrests of demonstrators!

The protest of the group Justice for David and the citizens who support the group, which started peacefully at 6 pm on Krajina Square, eventually turned into total chaos. After speeches by Davor Dragicevic and Suzana Radanovic, the parents of the tragically killed David, Danijela Ratesic, an activist of the Justice for David group, and Boris Malagurski, a well-known Serbian journalist and director, the gathered protesters took a walk through the city center to the RS and RTRS government building. , and then to the National Assembly of the RS to come to the “Kraš” parking lot where the New Year’s concert of Haris Džinović was scheduled for 9 pm.
About a thousand demonstrators chanted against the celebration of the New Year, and in the end the organizer decided not to hold the concert. The mayor of Banja Luka, Igor Radojicic, also expressed his dissatisfaction on social networks. After that, the protesters went to Krajina Square again, where the police, led by the Support Unit, broke up the protesters and started numerous arrests. The arrested activists are PzD groups Danijela Ratešić and Sofija Grmuša.

According to unofficial information, Davor Dragicevic was arrested tonight, but the journalists on the ground were told by the police that he was not arrested after all. Some media report that Davor is still on the run and that it is assumed that he went in the direction of Obilić. Journalist Žana Gauk announced that Suzana Radanović, Ivan Begić and Adam Šukalo, along with 20 other members of the PzD group, were pushed into the City cafe and that they were “afraid for their lives”, but it was later confirmed that they were released from that bar.


The big protest “Justice for David” started on Krajina Square in Banja Luka.
Tonight’s gathering is being organized in an atmosphere of great tension, considering that Davor Dragicevic was arrested on Tuesday, December 25, and “David’s heart” and other features of the group were removed from the square. This caused conflicts between citizens and the police. Since the group “Justice for David” was expelled from Krajina Square, protest walks through the streets of Banja Luka have been organized every night. Yesterday, Davor Dragicevic set conditions, among which are the resignations of the authorities and the arrest of those responsible for the murder of his son. Before the protest, Davor Dragicevic said that he would not demolish the institutions of the Republika Srpska. Let those who get mandates do that, he says. Several thousand citizens gathered on Krajina Square.

At the gathering place of the citizens, the “heart of David” was drawn again and candles were lit. Davor Dragičević says that he has nowhere to go back, he can’t go to the grave, he can’t go to the house, he can’t go to David’s room.
He says that he will legally overthrow those responsible. There is a recording of the abduction of David Dragicevic. He points out that on 25.12. was an assassination attempt on him, his mother Susanna and some members of the group. He states that there will be no peace and dignity if the police and the authorities commit an incident.

If he does not get the fulfillment of the request, he will put his hand down and then the whole world will not be interested in him. What will happen after that will be the responsibility of the criminals, as he points out.
Suzana Radanović addresses the gathering. He says their words that David was killed by the police are not a fairy tale. He asks Dragan Lukac who is so strong as to protect him. He asks Milorad Dodik who is so strong that he will go against his people. She points out that Lukac is the biggest culprit for her, even bigger than the killer. He feels no moral responsibility, according to her. He made mistakes: a shameful conference at which David was declared a thief, a drug addict and a murderer. Another mistake: coming to their house and lying. The third mistake: in the NARS, he declares lies that he is not ashamed of, which he did not deny. Last mistake: 25.12. when he sent the police to the bare-handed people.

He states that morality and honor do not exist among our politicians. They stay in the square and do not go until Lukac understands what morality and honor are. She also called Zeljka Cvijanovic. While the people do not have bread to eat, her son gambles, as he points out. She also called out Milorad Dodik, whom he said he wanted to prevent, but he must not stop Lukac. Everything in the country is started by Lukac, he emphasizes. He points out that the government is destroying the republic, they are poisoning the people, they are the mafia, as he says. David was killed by the mob. If someone ordinary had killed her child, he would have been in prison by now. He emphasizes that David knew what awaited him, he did not run away. She wouldn’t get over it if he was a coward. The biggest fear is that she will forget the smell of David, that she will forget the moment she loves him, that she will forget the feeling as she caresses his dreadlocks. He wishes the murderers all the torments of this world. Fight for yourself, he says, Davor can’t do everything alone. Now or never. This is the only moment.

Danijela Ratešić Došen from the group “Justice for David” also addresses the citizens. He asks who was bothered by “David’s heart” in the square. Clearly, they were bothered because they started the crime in his place. He says that it is the citizens who are being arrested and the killers are still walking freely around the city. Director Boris Malagurski also addresses the gathered citizens. He points out that those who kill and cover up murders do not share human values, they are destroying RS. We need to repeat three words until they become a reality: Justice for David. Davor Dragicevic points out that criminals and murderers have neither religion nor nation. David was killed by Serbs, he points out. He was in the VRS. Muriz was in the Federation Army. Did he experience the fate of the state, to feed his son and have them kidnap and rape him. To kill him. He says he’s not leaving the square. Each according to his conscience and obligations. He asks where his David is.

He points out that Dodik is calling on Milan Tegeltija to help him in the case. He will insist that his lawyer be at the meeting with the EU ambassadors so that they would not be lied to. He will also request a meeting with the new Prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH. Davor Dragicevic says that Dodik was not arrested in 2016 when he did not respond to the call of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH, and that he was arrested on December 25, 2018. although he did not receive a call. He says that citizens should defend themselves if the police and the government attack them. He points out that there will be no more gatherings. He called for a walk after which he returned to the square where he would be until the case was resolved. After Davor Dragicevic’s address, the gathered citizens went on a protest walk.
When they reached the Palace of the President of RS, Davor Dragicevic took off his pants and showed the police the wounds from the war.
The column continues to move towards the RS Government building. They stopped in front of the Republika Srpska Radio and Television building. Citizens shout “killer killers” and “lie factory”. The column returns to the city next to the City Stadium and the Church of the Holy Trinity. They pass by the building where Željko Karan lives. They shout “Karana’s killer”.
The column came in front of the RS National Assembly. Davor Dragičević took off his trousers here as well and showed the police the wounds from the war.

The column headed to the RS Museum of Contemporary Art. They stayed in the parking lot where the concert of Haris Džinović is being held. The concert is announced for 9 p.m. Mayor Igor Radojicic announced on his twitter account that the protesters were preventing the concert. Protestants stood in front of the stage and whistled and protested loudly. The lights on the stage were turned off, the concert was canceled. Davor Dragicevic and the citizens who accompanied him returned to Krajina Square. The Support Unit also arrived at the square. Citizens are standing in the square, the police are urging them to disperse. Citizens walk in a circle around the square. Police are beginning to use force.

The police allegedly arrested Davor Dragičević, his ex-wife Suzana wrote for David on the FB group Pravda. The support unit dispersed the people from the square. They arrested several citizens. The protests on Krajina Square, which preceded the violence on December 25 and 30, 2018, were held due to the lack of results of the investigation into the murder of 21-year-old David Dragicevic from Banja Luka. Two years after the unfortunate scenes in Banja Luka, that crime has not been solved yet and those responsible for the murder have not yet been held accountable.


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