Two years since the exhumation of David Dragicevic’s body

The month of March is the most difficult month of the year for the Dragicevic’s family as well as for the activists of Justice for David.

On this day, the body of David Dragicevic was exhumed two years ago. The pain that tore mother Susanna’s heart that day as she stood motionless staring at the ground from which they pulled out her child was greater than the largest building on earth ever built.

The request for exhumation was submitted by the young man’s parents, Davor and Suzana, to be buried in the Austrian town of Wiener Neustadt.

The body of David Dragicevic was found at the confluence of the Crkvena tributary and the Vrbas River near the Kastel Fortress in Banja Luka on March the 24th 2018.

The original police investigation said that the death was caused by drowning, without elements of a criminal act, so that the prosecutor, after three months, on June the 28th 2018. issued an order to conduct an investigation against unknown perpetrators on suspicion of murder.

Since the controversial press conference of the members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Banja Luka, there have been daily protests due to the murder of David Dragicevic, while the investigative bodies are still trampling on the place.

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