Two quinces: “Truth” and “Justice”

Through this struggle for basic human rights, “Justice for David” has encountered a great deal of injustice, pain and suffering. But what is particularly disturbing and particularly painful is the recurring situation near the Crkvena creek, where they found David’s body. 

Human rights activists “Justice for David” first planted two quinces. The first was called “Truth” and the second “Justice”. And they made a big heart – using stones from the Crkvena. They also cleaned the whole place, cut the grass and planted flowers. The first “Heart of David” was made on April the 7th 2019. on the anniversary of David’s first funeral. 

The exhumation of the remains of David Dragicevic, at the request of his parents Suzana Radanovic and Davor Dragicevic, was performed on March the 12th 2019 at the New Cemetery in Banja Luka. David was buried for the second time on March the 15th 2019 at the main cemetery of the Austrian city of Wiener Neustadt near Vienna, where his mother Suzana Radanovic lives.

Only a few days later, the police removed both quinces, “Truth” and “Justice”. The detail of a broken heart on a tree is especially disturbing. Police broke David’s heart, a plastic red heart, a symbol that reminds us all of David. The police also broke David’s picture!

After a while, human rights activists “Justice for David” made another heart, planted flowers again, put candles and a picture of David. After a few days, the police removed the heart and took away the picture of David. The described process has been repeated countless times to this day, with human rights activists “Justice for David” persistently putting David’s heart, arranging the space, cleaning the part where David’s body was found, planting flowers while the police persistently removing flowers, legitimizing Banja Luka citizens, activists human rights “Justice for David” and writes sentences.

Yesterday, the 1095th day of protest rallies, activists gathered at the confluence of the Crkvena and Vrbas to mark the day the body of David Dragičević was found. At this place, two quinces were planted again, called TRUTH and JUSTICE, and those quinces were also planted on April the 7th 2019 on the anniversary of David’s first funeral. Two quinces: TRUTH and JUSTICE, as a symbol of constant resistance and the fact that there is no giving up. There is no forgiveness and forgetfulness!

David Dragicevic disappeared on the night of March the 17th to 18th 2018 since when every trace of him has been lost. His body was found on the banks of the Vrbas on Saturday, March the 24th 2018.

After the body was found on March the 24th 2018 mass protests were held in Banja Luka in support of the Dragicevic family in the fight against the “corrupt system”, and lasted until the end of the year when they were broken up by a police operation in which David Dragicevic’s father and mother were arrested. 

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