Twenty-four-year-old policeman from Cesma follows members of “Justice for David” in a private car

In the previous days, members of the group Justice for David noticed this vehicle when they were on Krajina Square – David’s Square. On Saturday, April 17th, 2021, the same vehicle followed the vehicle in which Sofia Grmusa and Ozren Perduv were.
The windows on the vehicle are completely tinted. At the front, there is a golden crown on the control panel, and the SAJ (Special Anti-Terrorist Unit) sign hangs on the rearview mirror.

Unofficially, we find out that this is a young man of 24, Nikola Babic from Cesma, Banja Luka. We also unofficially find out that he works in the police. Personally, we do not see the point in reporting any of this to the police, and you also know the reasons why – they stated from the Justice for David group.

Davor Dragicevic, the father of the brutally murdered David Dragicevic, posted on his Facebook profile the data of a young police officer who had been parked in his private car for days near the Square at a time when citizens were gathering there. Sometimes he was alone, and sometimes there was another man in the car with him. They have also been seen getting out of car wearing uniforms, which can be seen on live broadcasts that Justice for David records every day. Whether they came on their own initiative or on someone’s order remains to be seen.

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