Ozren Perduv, an activist of the group “Justice for David”, commented on the decision of the Office of the Disciplinary Prosecutor on his FB profile, which refers to the complaint filed against prosecutor Gordana Mijatović. We are transmitting the announcement in its entirety:

1/8/2020 We filed a criminal complaint against 9 police officers on suspicion that they committed the criminal offense of “Unlawful Deprivation of Liberty” on the night of December 30, 2018. years. Months passed, and there were no prosecutorial decisions by the District Public Prosecutor’s Office in Banja Luka.

It’s been a year – and nothing.

Even today, after NINE months, we received a Notice from the Office of the Disciplinary Counsel stating that the complaint is DISMISSED.

People say that this criminal report “is not included in the plan for resolving the case of the acting prosecutor in the period 2020-2022”.

Yes Yes. You read that right!

Also, between the lines and words of praise for the prosecutor Gordana Mijatović, who, as they say, despite such a defined plan, still undertook some investigative actions.

See when we filed the criminal complaint, and see what the date is today.

More than TWO YEARS have passed, and there are still NO prosecutorial decisions.

There is nothing disputable for those who need to control and review the work of the prosecutor.

Our mother was crying!

It seems that we will not achieve anything without the street.

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