Today is exactly 3 years since the first funeral of David Dragicevic in Banja Luka

On this day exactly three years ago, in Banja Luka, the first funeral of David Dragicevic was held at the New Cemetery, which was attended by family, friends and numerous citizens.

A large number of citizens came that day to send David Dragicevic to his eternal rest, a young man whose lifeless body was found in Vrbas in Banja Luka and whose family is still searching for the truth about his suffering.

David’s friends and all the citizens, who were touched by this sudden death of the young man, stood with dignity with flowers, but also with banners that read “Justice?” and “Truth?”

Several hundred people came to the grave in silence, and then they all raised banners in the air: “Why are you silent, Justice for David!”

The father, Davor Dragicevic gave an emotional and moving speech and he was in tears.

“My dear son, my dear soul, we were one. One day I was supposed to be down there and you up here, to watch over me. Your dad knows everything! Killers of my David, keep looking with those bloodshot eyes, I know you, but you don’t me. Hope you will find peace, David. We will be together one day “- said David’s father.

07.04.2018. KILLERS, CRIMINALS AND CRIMINAL INSTITUTIONS I WISH YOU SUFFER THE SAME ONE DAY. JUSTICE FOR DAVID – repeated Davor Dragicevic, the father of the young man who died.

Ozren Perduv also wrote on his Facebook profile:

Sad anniversary. It seems like it was yesterday.
No giving up!
Let’s go to the end!

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