Who benefits from rising tensions, as well as the increasingly frequent rattling with weapons in BiH?

If you ask ordinary citizens who are preoccupied with the daily struggle for the bare existence of their families, the current events are insane. The majority of the population is aware that behind this story there is a truth that should provide good election results through several directions of action, but also washing the faces of some high-ranking politicians who try to present themselves as “good guys” overnight. One of the best examples is the “ironing” of the image of the Minister of Police, in which the positions and the so-called opposition participate together, who changed his opinion and position on the disputed Minister overnight.

Constantly “pumping” tensions, blaming the “other” for the difficult situation and everything bad in the country is already tried and tested recipe for winning the votes of one part of the population. So the election campaign has started and will surely be one of the dirtiest so far. The reason for this should be sought in the fact that never before has a regime burdened with numerous scandals felt threatened as is the case now. The ruling parties have become real experts in diverting attention from real life problems and are successfully covering up their incompetence with false patriotism and false endangerment.

The primary goal of remaining ruling caste is not power because of power itself. There are no higher goals and interests. There is no protection of the interests of RS, nor protection of the interests of BiH.

The interests are much more mundane and, in principle, it is the interests of hundreds of tycoon families, to whom this ridiculous government guarantees immunity from criminal prosecution through political control over the judiciary. And thus the preservation of enormous and unimaginable wealth. Don’t be fooled by the sporadic arrests of drug mafia members. This does not mean that the judiciary has overlooked it. It is exclusively a conflict between two opposing currents within the regime itself, as well as an international obligation to act on information obtained after decrypting the Sky application.

Third, but no less important, is the constant action of the services of neighboring countries, whose primary goal is to preserve the existing situation and the existing set of authorities.

This time, we will not analyze the moves of our politicians who often protected the interests of Serbia and the Republic of Croatia to the detriment of the interests of the RS.

Since the foundation of the Justice for David group, there have been constant attempts to take control of the group by the services of neighboring countries, which by infiltrating their people tried to end what the RS MUP under the command of Minister Dragan Lukac failed to do. The culmination of such actions happened on December 25, 2018, when special forces from Serbia participated in the attempt to break up the group Justice for David.

Did they succeed? It is clear that they did not. Today, the group Justice for David is recognizable as the only true opposition to the unpopular government, and as one of the few organizations that advocates uncompromising respect for the constitution, laws and human rights.

David Dragicevic disappeared on the night of March 18, 2018. His body was found on March 24, 2018, and the RS Ministry of the Interior on March 26 2018 organized a shameful press conference at which they presented false evidence and constructions with the aim of covering up the murder. To this day, no one has been held accountable for the abduction and murder of David Dragicevic. Until when?


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