The process of changes and the inevitable collapse of the corrupt and criminalized regime was unstoppably launched on the night of the abduction of the student David Dragicevic. Immediately after the formation of the Justice for David group, it became clear to the regime that a new force had entered the scene that could not be controlled in the ways in which the regime controlled a weak and obedient opposition. Attempts to bribe and discredit activists have failed, so the endangered regime, with the amination of some opposition leaders, decided to forcibly stop the growing fight for truth and justice over the murder of David Dragicevic.

Aware that the investigation will lead not only to individual names, but also to the collapse of the entire criminal organization deeply entrenched in the institutions, the regime continued the constant and uninterrupted persecution of group activists and thus organized discrimination and human rights violations. In numerous lawsuits before domestic courts, the Justice for David group proved that there were no grounds for instituting criminal and misdemeanor proceedings against the group’s activists.
Case of illegal arrest of group activists during a press conference 7.7. In 2020, he graduated from the European Court in Strasbourg. All this happened after a series of unreasonable and illegal decisions of the domestic judiciary in an attempt to protect the police officers responsible for the classic kidnapping of the group’s activists.

We have no doubt about the outcome and the verdict that will be passed at the European Court of Human Rights in this, but also in other cases of persecution of the Justice for David group. With this application, we want to convey the message that there is no way or scenario in which it is possible to be involved in the murder and cover-up of the murder of David Dragicevic and remain unpunished.

In his address today, Mr. Ifet Feraget, who visited the grave of David Dragičević, said one very important sentence. We have already saved many lives with our fight, because we have shown that the time of unpunished murders has passed. But the fight is not and will not be over as long as those responsible for the abduction, murder and cover-up of the murders of David Dragicevic and Dzenan Memic are at large.

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