The trial of Alisa Mutap-Ramic, her father Zijad Mutap, police officers Baric and Dupovac begins on October 7.

This timetable is officially listed on the website of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The judge who will lead the trial is Branko Perić.

On that day, with the reading of the indictment and the introductory words of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH, the trial which is in a case of great public interest will begin, especially after the Supreme Court of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina recently handed down a final acquittal to Ljubo and Bekrija Seferovic. that they caused the accident in which Memić died.

Mutap did not have amnesia

Zijad Mutap, his daughter Alisa Mutap-Ramic, who was with Dzenan Memic when he was killed in the Ilidza Grand Alley in 2016, a member of the Sarajevo Canton Ministry of the Interior, Hasan Dupovac and Josip Baric, and the receptionist of the Ilidza Crystal Hotel Muamer are on the dock. Ozegović, who worked the night Memic was killed.

The accused are charged with organized crime and preventing the discovery and proving the cause of the death of young man Dzenan Memic. On August 25, they denied guilt for the crimes they are charged with.

As we announced earlier, from the indictment filed and confirmed, which was submitted to “Avaz” from sources close to the Court, it is clear that Alisa Mutap refused to state all the facts that were very well known to her as an eyewitness and that it was established that the fateful night was conscious and communicative.

From the medical documentation and the doctor’s findings, it can also be seen that Alisa Mutap did not have amnesia.

As stated in the indictment, Alisa’s father Zijad is the organizer of a group whose goal was to cover up the real perpetrators and the real way in which Dzenan Memic suffered severe bodily injuries as a result of which he died.

In the indictment, the Prosecution alleges that Zijad Mutap contacted Hasan Dupovac, then head of the Traffic Investigation Department of the KS Ministry of the Interior, after a car accident, after which they arranged a meeting in restaurant “Royal” near Vogošća, where witness M-10 and Edin Avdić were still protected.

Asked to find a Renault vehicle

Before the meeting, Zijad Mutap gave instructions to Dupovac and the phone number of the protected witness, in order to arrange a meeting in Vogosca.

Dupovac asked (protected witness M-10 and Edin Avdić, op. Cit.) to find a green Renault Clio vehicle, although he knew that it was not the subject of the crime in which Dzenan Memic was killed, promising them, according to the instructions Zijada Mutapa, financial gain, knowing that they are not authorized to collect evidence and promising them that they can commit everything except murder when finding that vehicle – it is stated, among other things, in the indictment.

In addition, as “Avaz” announced, the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina will open an investigation into the crime of murder in the coming days.

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