The stand was successfully realized

The citizens ‘association The Path of justice on Krajina Square in Banja Luka has started a campaign to raise citizens’ awareness of the work of the Prosecutor’s Office in Srpska.

With the campaign, which will take place in 10 cities in Republiic of Srpska, we want to raise citizens ‘awareness of what prosecutors’ offices in Republiic of Srpska are doing and we want to inform citizens about the almost unlimited power of prosecutors who decide whether or not to launch an investigation. .

The most obvious example is the case of the murder of David Dragicevic, in which the acting prosecutor of the District Public Prosecutor’s Office, together with the chief district prosecutor, acted inadequately and conducted an investigation, that is, led the investigation in the wrong direction to establish the truth about David Dragicevic’s suffering – said Sofija Grmusa

The Association of Citizens The Path of justice cites examples that they filed criminal charges against Banja Luka police officers against illegal deprivation of liberty, where OJT prosecutors did nothing about those charges.

Even after a year, we sent inquiries to the prosecution, as far as the investigation was concerned, and their answer was that it was still in the investigation phase. And that is inadequate and unscrupulous work for us. Not just for us. That should be considered inadequate work of the prosecutor – said Merlina Ivic.

From the beginning of 2006 to the end of 2019, the prosecutor’s offices in Republiic of Srpska issued more than 27,000 orders not to conduct investigations. In a similar period, more than 500 suspects for certain crimes escaped punishment

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