The second hearing on the defamation lawsuit of Lukač, Ilić and Ćulum against Davor

The lawsuit was filed on May the 21st 2018, and it was expanded in November 2018. The lawsuit states that Dragan Lukač (Ministry of Interior), Darko Ilić (The inspektor for organized crime at the time) and Darko Ćulum (The director of the Police at the time) are family people, of high moral qualities, respectable citizens of the community who perform the highest state functions honestly, fairly and devotedly. The lawsuit asks Davor Dragičević to pay Lukač, Ilić and Ćulum 8,000 KM each in the name of the damage done.

Lukač, Ilić and Ćulum sued Davor Dragičević, the father of murdered 21-year-old David, whose case was never resolved, “for the mental pain he suffered as a result of reputation and part-time defamation.”

Davor Dragičević has repeatedly accused the three of covering up the murder of his son David, who disappeared on March the 18th 2018, and his body was found at the confluence of the Crkvena to Vrbas on March the 24th of that year.

A second hearing on the lawsuit of Dragan Lukač, Darko Ilić and Darko Ćulum against Davor Dragičević will held on february the 4th the Basic Court in Banja Luka.

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