The second funeral of David Dragicevic

The funeral of David’s remains, which was exhumed on March the 12th 2019 from the New Cemetery in Banja Luka, was attended by the young man’s parents, Davor Dragicevic and Suzana Radanovic, his sister, relatives, members of the group Justice for David and friends.

The funeral was also attended by Muriz Memic, the father of the murdered young man Dzenan Memic from Sarajevo, as well as the high representative of the international community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Valentin Inzko.

Justice for david activists wore an emblem on their clothes – a red heart with David’s face, and raised their fists in the cemetery, which is also one of the symbols of the struggle of this group, which together with the parents of the murdered young man seeks to reveal the perpetrators of the murder and David’s killer. 

David Dragicevic disappeared on the night of March the 18th 2018. and his body was found on March the 24th 2018. at the mouth of the Crkvena river in Vrbas near the Kastel fortress.

Police initially claimed that his death was accidental, but the Prosecution later launched an investigation into the murder of the young man. His parents claim that David was abducted, tortured and killed, and that members of the Republic of Srpska’s Ministry of the Interior took part in his murder.

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