The response of the Ministry of the Interior to the report of the activists that they were followed by a black Audi

A response from the Ministry of the Interior has arrived regarding the report in which activists warn that they are being followed by a black Audi.

Subject: Response of the Police Administration of Banja Luka

In connection with your letter dated 28.04.2021. year, we inform you that the vehicle of the listed license plates is not the property of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Srpska. The Police Administration of Banja Luka is not taking any investigative measures and actions against you, and the allegations of your report will be additionally checked and examined. Please note, the Police Administration of Banja Luka applies positive legal regulations in its work.

This is the answer that the activists sent to the Ministry and we are transmitting it in its entirety.


Thank you for your response.

We note once again that Sofija Grmuša and I, Ozren Perduv, saw uniformed persons in the disputed vehicle. We are almost certain that these are police officers, and we assume that they are police officers from the Banja Luka-Centar police station. The fact that the vehicle of the mentioned plates does not belong to the Ministry of the Interior does not mean that the vehicle does not belong to someone who is working in the Ministry of the Interior, ie. the possibility that a certain police officer tracks citizens with his private vehicle and who knows what else is not excluded.

As soon as you do not have information about that, it is a signal to us that the disputed actions are being performed illegally and by who knows whose orders. We expect you to check exactly that and to examine our allegations from the application with special care.

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