The Republika Srpska Interior Ministry has banned peaceful assembly on the occasion of the 800th day since the murder of David Dragicevic

On May 27th this year, human rights activists “Justice for David” sent a report to the Ministry of Interior of the Republika of Srpska for holding a peaceful gathering on Krajina Square on June the 2. 2020. for 800 days since the beginning of the first, long- lasting, civilian protests “Justice for David”. The request for a peaceful gathering was sent by human rights activist “Justice for David” Merlina Ivić. By the decision delivered on June the 1. 2020. the Ministry of Interior of the Republika of Srpska forbade this peaceful gathering. The explanation states that the members of the informal group “Justice for David” violated public order and peace in the past period, committed a number of misdemeanor and criminal acts, and from this follows the “existence of a real possibility” that the participants will use the same to recommit the misdemeanor and criminal act. According to the allegations of the members of the Ministry of Interior, it follows from the above, that by holding a public gathering on June the 2. 2020. activists will seriously endanger people and public property and will cause violence and disturbance of public order and peace.

We note that our human rights activist “Justice for David” Merlina Ivić has not received any misdemeanor charges for over two years of civilian protests “Justice for David”.

Ozren Perduv, an activist “Justice for David” said: “So, they continued with the old practice, not letting us have peaceful protests at the main Square, although according to us, not only according to us, but also the lawyers, there is no legal basis for that, because they state the names of people in a completely inconsistent way and sead that these people have committed some criminal and misdemeanor acts, and none of these misdemeanors has been confirmed in court.”

“They did file criminal charges against us, but we are very aware of what they did with the aim of intimidating us. They are filing some charges against us, which are completely unfounded, and then, on the basis of these reports, they are forbidding us to gather on Krajina Square, as we are savages. We certainly did not protest for almost 300 days in Krajina Square peacefully, and with dignity if we are savages. They refer to the article of the law that says that gathering can publicly prohibit if there is a danger of
a serious disturbance of public order and peace, we have never committed such a disturbance of peace in 290 days, and we will never do it, “Perduv points out.

Activists of the “Justice for David” told: “It is not only this time, but every time they refer to that law and every time they propose Mladen Stojanović`s park. We do not want Mladen Stojanović park. Davor Dragičević did not go to the park to hold public gathering, Davor Dragicevic went to Krajina Square to hold gatherings, a place central in Banja Luka to address people and of course now after 800 days of the first gathering on the square, of course we do not want any park, nowhere else but to gather at the same Square. We have filed appeals against their refusals for public gatherings, of course we have received the same answer from the Minister of Interior, but we have also gone to the district court with some refusals, filed a lawsuit for refusal and are now waiting in court for these processes that are being initiated, let’s see how they will explain it before the court and the judges.

“The “Justice for David” initiative implies a global movement of civic initiatives in the fight for Truth and Justice until the final resolution of the murder of a young student from Banja Luka, David Dragičević. After the discovery of David’s death body at the mouth of the Crkvena stream in Vrbas river, and after members of Ministry of Inter of the Republika of Srpska declared David as a drug addict and his death “death by accident” started the first, civilian, long-lasting protests which are lasting to very this day.

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