The prosecution is still silent

Almost three years have passed since the abduction and brutal murder of student David Dragicevic (21). The investigation led by the Banja Luka District Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Republika Srpska Interior Ministry into a case of aggravated murder of a student has so far only resulted in the arrest and prosecution of parents and members of the Justice for David group in the staged trials. which reached the court resulted in either the dismissal of the indictments or acquittals. It is a devastating fact that there are still no arrests and indictments for the perpetrators of the monstrous murder of David Dragicevic. There is no indictment for those responsible in the entire system of covering up and complicity in the crime of concealing the murder. If there was a prosecution, it would have to react promptly to what was said in the National Assembly of the Republika Srpska, and it concerns the corrupt autopsy of Karan, who was directly called out and accused of complicity in the crime of concealing aggravated murder. Of course, nothing new was said. Nothing the Justice group didn’t know about David before. But when it is said at the assembly session, then it should have a certain weight. The prosecution is still silent. The fact that more and more judges and prosecutors are indirectly sending conciliatory messages and signals to the Justice for David group does not mean that they are doing it because their conscience has worked. It is a panic fear now because it is clear to everyone that the David case will be a turning point both in the justice system and in society as a whole.

It is clear to everyone that in the coming period, most of those who are close to the authorities and are not directly involved in the murder and covering up the murder will try to distance themselves and distance themselves from any connection with the Dragicevic case. In the end, the criminals and murderers will be the ones who will be left alone and not Davor Dragicevic as it was once claimed.
Babylon will fall. That day will come.


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