The police removed the flowers yet again

By the order of the Communal police, the cleaning workers removed again the flowers planted by the activists of the informal group “Justice for David” at the place where the lifeless body of the brutally murdered student David Dragičević (21) was found on March of 24th  2018.

Human rights activists of the informal group “Justice for David” said: “Only sick people can give an order to pluck flowers. These are the actions of non-humans. Those flowers can only bother murderers and those who cover up crime and hide murderers.”

The described process has been repeated a number of times to this day, with human rights activists “Justice for David” persistently putting David’s heart, arranging the space, cleaning the part where David’s body was found, planting flowers while the police is persistently removing flowers and writing sentences.

Darmin Djulić, one of the activists of the group “Justice for David”, pointed out: “In every city, a place where someone is killed can be marked. Only hire it can’t. It all says who we live with. They are wagging their war, and we just want to live freely in our city.”

For more than two years, the informal group “Justice for David” has been asking institutions to find the killers of David Dragicevic (21) from Banja Luka. David disappeared on the night between March of 17th and 18th 2018. only to have his body found in the Vrbas River six days later. On March 26th the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Srpska held an emergency press conference at which the late David was roused revolt among the citizens of Banja Luka and led them to gather in the city center every day since then.

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