How can you not have an attitude about murder? Either you support the killers or you are against them.

There can be no middle ground. Worse than murderers and accomplices, they are restrained. Those who are not concerned. Those who think they are untouchable. That evil is happening to someone else and somewhere far away. Well, it’s not like that, gentlemen. Evil lives among us. The killer may be living in your street or building or next door to you. Have you thought about that?

Do you know they killed David? Do you know that he was abducted, tortured and eventually killed? Do you know that David was an ordinary kid who wrote poetry? He wrote songs and sang them.

A kid who loved music, sports computers. He liked to hang out. Do you know that David was a student? Do you know that he received awards and medals? Sports. But also from competitions where young people prove their talent as innovators. Do you know that David loved life and had dreams?

Did you know that his parents loved him immensely? The same way you love your children. Do you know this gentlemen? Now that you know all this you will recognize every other kid in David’s qualities. Your child has or will have the same characteristics. Are you still uninterested? Did you know that those who kidnapped and killed David are still at large? Do you know that they are protected by a corrupt system? Do you know that killers walk the streets of your city? They sit in the cafes. Just like you. You may meet them every day. Keep that in mind when your child goes out tomorrow. Out for a drink. The killers are near your loved ones. They are watching them. Know that once a murderer always a murderer. Now that you know this too, are you still uninterested? You still don’t think you care? Do you still plan to gamble with your children’s lives? And hope that your child won’t be the one to bother the killers tomorrow. Ask yourself, man.

There is no forgiveness and forgetfulness.


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