The Justice Movement in Banja Luka won 2103 votes

Yesterday, the Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina determined and announced the results of the local elections. The total number of votes received by the Justice Movement, a political party founded by the activists “Justice for David”, in Banja Luka is 2103 or 2.20% of the total number of valid votes. Not enough to enter the Banja Luka City Assembly. On the occasion of the announcement of the official results from the Justice Movement, a press release was received:

“Out of a total of 55 political entities, the Justice Movement took 10th place, the first below the line. It should be noted that all those who have achieved a better result are political organizations, i.e. individuals who have existed for many years on the political scene of the city, entities and the state. The Justice Movement has existed for less than a year and therefore we believe that the result we have achieved is not negligible, especially if we keep in mind the extent of misuse of public resources by political entities and individuals from the regime. We have funded our campaign exclusively through membership fees and donations and we take this opportunity to thank all our members and supporters who have provided us with this kind of very important support. We did not throw money on billboards, nor did we pollute and destroy our city by illegally pasting posters on trees, flagpoles and similar illegal places. We ran a decent and dignified campaign that was different from most others.

We did not engage in political blackmail and all those who gave us a vote of support did so freely, according to their own conscience and will. We are proud of that fact and we are grateful to everyone who decided to support us. Both to the citizens of Banja Luka, and to our diaspora.

We take this opportunity to thank all our fellow citizens, including prominent individuals of our society, who have given us public support. We are happy and grateful for the support we received from Serbia and Croatia, both from politicians and civic activists and artists. Behind us is a lot of effort, work, energy and time. We used every opportunity for our story to reach as many people as possible. We fought with our hearts and gave our best. We learned a lot. This is just one of the steps we went through. We move on.

Despite the fact that we are not part of the Banja Luka City Assembly, we will act as if we are – we will follow and discuss the materials proposed on the agenda of the assembly sessions, we will monitor and analyze the work of councilors, point out all bad phenomena and inform the public about all current events. in our power to act correctively on the work of the local parliament in Banja Luka.

We are glad that the election process went mostly in the best order. Unfortunately, serious problems exist in Doboj and Srebrenica, and we believe that the Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina will do everything in its power to respect and preserve the electoral will of the voters of Doboj and Srebrenica.

We take this opportunity to thank once again all members of the polling boards, observers, the City Election Commission of Banja Luka and the Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina for a well-done task. We will resume our activities soon. Follow us!”

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