THE JUSTICE MOVEMENT about local communities

Candidates for the Banja Luka City Assembly Nada Dimkov and Ozren Perduv spoke about local communities. Local communities should be generators of local policies.

Through work and free action through local communities, citizens are directly involved in the creation of public policy measures and become a significant political entity and partner of the government. Unfortunately, the city authorities completely locked the local communities away from the citizens and made it impossible for them to fulfill their social role.

This sent a very clear message to the citizens: “We are not interested in your opinions, attitudes or needs.”

The regime has its own clientele and serves all public policy measures in favor of this privileged minority. The statute of the city clearly and precisely prescribed which tasks the Council of local communities should perform:

  1. Proposes the development plan of the local community in accordance with the development plans of the City.
  2. Adopts a program of measures and activities for the implementation of plans and programs for the development of local communities.
  3. It takes care of the execution of decisions made by citizens at citizens’ assemblies.
  4. Determines the list of priorities for the construction of communal facilities and communal infrastructure, based on the decision made by the citizens at the citizens’ assembly.
  5. Launches initiatives for the construction and maintenance of communal infrastructure and communal facilities and provides conditions for the improvement and improvement of living conditions in the field of environmental protection, culture, education, sports, social and health protection of the population and all other areas of common interest to the local population.
  6. It participates and is the holder of activities for the implementation of humanitarian actions in the area of ​​the local community.
  7. Manages the funds available to the local community and determines the priorities for the use of funds received on the basis of donations and gifts.
  8. Submits a report to the citizens’ assembly on its work and the work of the local community

Does it seem to you that all of the above is a dead letter on paper? We want the work of local communities to be completely transparent in the era of modern technologies. Citizens should be able to inspect the work and activities of each of the local communities via the Internet, as well as to present their own proposals and needs. Citizens must know on the basis of which criteria the city authorities decide which initiative of one local community has priority over another. Today, all that is hidden from the public eye. Local communities need to get closer to the citizens! Let’s give back to local communities the status and role they deserve!



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