The guest of the New Day was the lawyer Ifet Feraget

Source: N1

The guest of the New Day was the lawyer Ifet Feraget, who spoke for N1 about corruption in the judiciary, and commented on the protests held in Sarajevo yesterday, as well as the respirators at KCUS, which again came into the public spotlight.

Feraget told for N1 that when he represented a client in one case as a lawyer, the Constitutional Court failed to obtain the termination of his detention. After the lawyer was changed, the prosecutor himself requested the termination of detention. As Feraget stated, that is one of the cases he is trying to find out, as he pointed out, why is he a bad lawyer and why the one who succeeded him was given the termination of detention.

“It is not difficult for us if we represent the right side, and the right side is always the truth. Lawyers must use honorable means in representing clients. “We must all fight together against corruption in the judiciary,” he said.

He also said that he was an “unsuitable lawyer” in that case. “The one who succeeded me in that case was lifted. I asked Dalida Burzic to tell me what had changed in the case so that the prosecutor himself could request the lifting of his detention, but I did not succeed. I received a rejection from Burzic, so I filed a lawsuit. That is corruption, “he commented.

“I am not eligible because I use all legal means to point out all the omissions of prosecutors and the court. The best example is the Memic and Dragicevic cases – it is a mockery of the democratic constitutional principle. Prosecutors covering up the murder. When the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina initiated the action very efficiently and when Chief Prosecutor Tadic announced an intensive investigation that is ongoing, you can see how many things are happening in the judiciary, but we will not give up. The general problem of the judiciary is the lack of integrity and corruption, “he added.

“Prosecutors who have not been prosecuted for covering up the murders of Dzenan Memic and David Dragicevic – you cannot expect any investigation from them, not even in current cases. I would call them like bombs that are activated on a remote control. When I have evidence against you and you are the prosecutor, it is only a matter of time before I call you on the phone and remind you that I will use certain evidence of your corrupt practices. Therefore, there can be no individuals in the judiciary who should have been prosecuted. I filed a criminal complaint against 13 prosecutors. This is a system failure. I expect that the statement of the president of the HJPC will come true, that is, when he said that he would not allow it to be too loud. Judge Igor Todorovic explained in 200 pages why there was no traffic accident in the Memic case and no new decision can be different, but our time was stolen. We need brave and honest judges and that is not the case at the moment. “Someone should draw the line, and we need someone who will speak the truth and only the truth,” he emphasized.

Lawyer Feraget also said that the citizens are the ones who need to change the system, and reminded of yesterday’s protests in Sarajevo, and said that they should be a warning to those who are responsible.

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