The protests  “Justice for David”  have become global. Protests have been organised in many cities throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina and Europa. Protests also took place in Sarajevo, Mostar, Zenica, Modriča, Derventa, Tuzla and in many other cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Through protest gathering “Justice for David” there was a great overcoming of national and ethical differences, human rights activists “Justice for David!” have become partners with human rights activists “Justice for Đženan!” from Sarajevo and other cities from Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The protests showed solidarity, mutual understanding, and support. Protests were also organized in cities of European Union and in the World. In this chronological overview are pictures from protest gatherings held in Vienna, Graz, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Munich, Stuttgart, Berlin, London, Oslo, Karlsruhe and in cities in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, America. In many cities such as Vienna and Stuttgart, protests were organised many times.