On March 12, 2019, he sealed all the brutality and inhumanity of the regime in RS and the city authorities of Banja Luka. The day when the embarrassed Banja Luka expelled David for the last time. She expelled and renounced her child, her fallen fellow citizen. The day the kid left the ghetto forever.

Banja Luka, former beauty, have you seen suffering and the pain of their parents who kidnapped and killed their son. Did you hear the cry of a mother in Banja Luka whose son was killed and they did not give him peace even in the grave? So they made her watch her son being moved from the grave.

Banja Luka, have you heard a mother watching her son being transferred from coffin to coffin as she says go see if that is MY DAVID.

And then you tried to forbid your citizens to send their David to the last beautiful city for the last time. And they sent and guarded him with dignity. To go forever to a foreign land that, unlike you, will give him a piece of land in which he will have peace and tranquility.

Banja Luka, do you know how much David loved you? Do you know he could choose where to live. And he chose you, our city.

You allowed Banja Luka to kidnap him, to kill him. And then to lie. So you tried to remove and ban all memories of your David. Why did the former Krajina beauty allow it.

Banja Luka, have you seen how the expelled father himself met his dead son somewhere in a foreign land. Did the unfortunate city hurt you at least a little? Are you ashamed of the building we hate and love. We are fighting for you, Banja Luka, because you are not just theirs. You’re a little bit ours too. And the fact that you are ours is enough to fight for you, to tear you from the jaws of murderers and criminals. Let’s take your name off the black chronicles of the world media.

Even today, three years after David left Banja Luka forever, the case of abduction and murder has not been resolved. The killers are at large, and all those who abused institutions and organized the cover-up of the murder have progressed in their careers.

The Dragicevic case was taken over by the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH, from which we demand an accelerated investigation, arrest and prosecution of those responsible for the crime of murder. But also an investigation into the investigation that will lead to those responsible for the abuse of official position with the goal of covering up the murder of David Dragicevic.

There is no forgiveness and forgetfulness


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