The Constitutional Court of BiH REJECTED our appeal as UNFOUNDED

After more than a year, the Constitutional Court of BiH made a decision on the appeal of the ten of us who were deprived of liberty on July 7 last year by criminals from the Ministry of the Interior. In our appeal, we pointed out the violation of the right to liberty and security, the right to an effective remedy and the right to a fair trial.

Unfortunately, the Constitutional Court of BiH REJECTED our appeal as UNFOUNDED, explaining that “there is nothing that would lead to the conclusion that the deprivation of liberty of the appellant was not in accordance with the material and procedural rules of national law” !!! The Constitutional Court of BiH exclusively looked at the documents submitted to them by the Ministry of the Interior and concluded that it is undisputed that on July 7, 2020. gathered on Krajina Square, that we ignored the warning of the dishonorable policeman Miroslav Aleksić to disperse and that we were deprived of liberty and detained due to the committed violations (!!!). It is also undisputed to them that we were participants in the disputed event, which was characterized by the police as a VIOLATION OF PUBLIC ORDER AND PEACE.

The Constitutional Court of BiH states that all of the above can be considered sufficient to conclude that there are grounds for suspicion that we have committed the misdemeanor charged against us. The Constitutional Court of BiH further states that police officers exercise police powers according to THEIR OWN ASSESSMENT in accordance with the law. Simply put, the “dishonest” police officers, based on their own “assessment”, estimated that we were committing some kind of offense !!! It is clear what they were doing then and why! So, as far as the Constitutional Court of BiH is concerned, EVERYTHING HAS BEEN DONE IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE LAW !!! ???

We are disappointed with the decision of the Constitutional Court of BiH, because it completely gave credence to false and criminal documents and actions of dishonorable members of the MUP, and completely ignoring our allegations, videos, the fact that the day before we announced addressing the media on Krajina Square, and no gathering! !! We think that this was the first time in the history of BiH, but also beyond, that someone was deprived of liberty, because he tried to address the media at a previously scheduled press conference! The BiH Constitutional Court did not “see” or consider this. We remind the public that criminal proceedings are being conducted against the dishonorable MUP members, and we expect an indictment to be filed against Miroslav Aleksić and others soon. It will be an opportunity to prove all their illegalities, abuse of official positions and powers, discrimination and persecution of citizens. Also, I will be 17.11. judge for that 7.7. and it will be an opportunity to prove that we did not do anything wrong that day and that everything that the MUP did is illegal and unfounded.

Just like so far. Dissatisfied and disappointed with the decision of the Constitutional Court of BiH, together with our lawyers, we will prepare an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights. We will NOT give up our fight and protection of our rights and freedoms.

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