The candidate in front of the political party Movement of Justice, Andreja Figurek, has the highest level of education among all candidates, of all the candidate political parties in the local elections in Banja Luka 2020.

The Association of Citizens “The Way of Justice” Banja Luka, founded by human rights activists “Justice for David” in cooperation with the association “Justice for David and all children of Bosnia and Herzegovina” Vienna, Austria, founded by the parents of the murdered David Dragičević made a qualitative research analysis of the content of all available biographical data of candidates in the local elections in 2020 in Banja Luka in front of all political parties.

Cross-analysis of the content of available biographical data of all candidates in front of all political parties took into account gender, level of education, engagement in various scientific research areas and the number of specialist programs attended abroad. Qualitative analysis of the content of available biographical data, all candidates, in front of all candidate political parties shows that the individual with the highest level of education, with the highest engagement in scientific research in medicine and the largest number of specialist studies abroad is a candidate on behalf of the political party Movement of Justice, Andreja Figurek.

Andreja Figurek was born on September the 17th 1986. in Banja Luka. From the earliest schooling, she achieved extraordinary results and the best student in the generation in primary and secondary education (high school). She enrolled at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Banja Luka as the first ranked with the maximum number of points and completed it before the beginning of the graduate internship with an average of 9.59. She defended her doctoral dissertation and passed the specialist exam in nephrology in 2018. During her postgraduate education, she specialized at prestigious clinics and universities in Europe (Patras, Graz, Vienna, Zurich, Copenhagen, Milan, Leipzig, Bucharest, Iasi). She regularly participates in international congresses and seminars in the field of nephrology, where she has been awarded for the best research papers. She is the winner of many prestigious scholarships, the most important of which is the scholarship of the Swiss government for exceptional talents. Engaged in teaching anatomy at the Medical Faculty of the prestigious University of Zurich, where she also conducts experimental research using the most modern methodology in the world. Reviewer of international scientific journals in internal medicine and nephrology, which are highly ranked on the scientific SCI list. An active member of scientific European projects. Author of over twenty scientific papers in the field of nephrology and internal medicine, many of which have a significant impact factor and are cited in the scientific and professional public. She is fluent in English and German, and speaks Russian.

“I have been supporting the Justice for David group from the beginning, guided by Hippocrates’ oath that human life should be respected from the very beginning. I stood by the parents of the murdered David Dragičević because I believe that we must not allow our children to be raped, abused and killed, and especially we must not allow such brutal murders to be covered up. I accepted the invitation to run in the local elections on the list of the Justice Movement, considering that at one of my speeches at the gatherings of the Justice for David group held in the square, I promised to be with the Dragičević family and the Justice for David group until the end. Realizing that this is the only way to fight for the truth and get justice, I will actively engage politically to shed light on the murder of David Dragičević, to stop the persecution of honest, brave and highly moral people – members of the group Justice for David, and to let us fight together for a more just and moral society. I have a moral obligation and I want to wholeheartedly contribute to the progress of good to our people in Banja Luka in the return of truth, justice and all other moral values, because only then can we stop this great downfall of our people and start living a life worthy of man.

The moral obligation of every man is to fight for truth and justice. We from the Justice for David group have been on this path for more than two and a half years. The Justice Movement is the only instrument left to us in this struggle, which is not a struggle for any material values, but a basic human right – the right to life. As a specialist doctor and an accomplished young scientist in the world, I believe that it is high time to stop the moral decline of our people and fight for basic human rights and the return of almost eradicated moral values. Due to the negative selection and the ridiculous value system in our country, I no longer treat our patients, nor do I teach our medical students anymore, but I have made my knowledge and experience available to the Swiss education and science system. However, I believe that it is my human duty, in addition to all my achieved results, to contribute to my people in saving the collapsed health, science and social protection. ” – Andreja Figurek

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